Priyanka Got A Table With Bryan Adams


Priyank Chopra got a table with music legend, Bryan Adams, at a campaign photo shoot. She is very much impressed with his character.

She said that “I had no clue that Bryan Adams – the photographer for this Guess campaign was THE Bryan Adams. I thought it was some guy with the same name. It’s great to see somebody who is so versatile. We bonded on that. He loves India and everything about it. We shot the entire campaign on Desi music.

I tried to teach him how to do the thumkas! I even taught him to jive to Badtameez dil. He was shy and didn’t let us shoot it. He does an Indian accent really well. He’s cool. Right before the shoot, he asked me, ‘How can I inspire you?’ I said ‘sing for me’. He did and it was an amazing experience!”

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