Rohit Shetty Will Go With New Faces

Rohith-ShettyRohit Shetty looking to work with new faces after Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. “It depends on the budget, you cannot make an Rs.100 crore film with newcomers especially when it’s not your money…”. “If I get a script where I feel that I need a newcomer and the budget is small or whatever, I will definitely do it. But I need to see the script, and I need to feel that, okay, now I can make the film with a newcomer,” Shetty told.

“It should come from within me. If it comes from within, I will definitely do something else. But it shouldn’t be like I have to prove a point that I can do something else. So, I will do something different when the right time comes. Yes, I am afraid of failure. When you start a project, there is always this fear how it will end. But that fear can encourage you if you divert it to a positive direction with your positive attitude and hard work”. He said.

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