Rumours regarding price of ticket of Dhoom 3

Dhoom-3-TicketsThere were rumors that the ticket amount of ‘Dhoom 3’ is hiked like another big banner movie (like Chennai Express & Krissh 3). But, the rumors are wrong. In single screens and multiplexes, the ticket amount of ‘Dhoom 3’ is in the usual price range of Rs. 50 – Rs. 380 depending on the show timing and theater.

The makers of the movie were surprised when they came to about these rumors. ‘Dhoom 3’ is the first film industry to release in multiplexes and IMAX theaters and as IMAX format is costly the ticket prices in these theaters would be in the amount value of Rs 350 to Rs 900.

According to Aamir Khan, “Dhoom 3 ticket cost is not costly. They are priced just like the other movie that have released and in general ticket prices also differ as per the show timings. It is also the first Hindi movie to release in the IMAX theater format and there are a total of 4 such big screens in India, the tickets of ‘Dhoom 3’ are in the usual cost range.

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