Saif Ali Khan Gets Appreciation From Kareena Kapoor Khan


Actress Kareena Kapoor very much impressed by her husband’s spark of brilliance in every film.”I have seen ‘Bullett Raja’ and I loved it. I will be biased always towards my family. I think Saif was brilliant – I loved him in the film. He is such a fine actor, he is just brilliant. He shows sparks of brilliance in every film he does, whether the film does well or not, he is amazing in the film. He has naturally got flair, personality, I think people love his on screen personality,” Kareena told in an interview. She is going to be act with Ajay Devgn, will start shooting in February.

As per the report she also acting in Hrithik Roshan’s film. But some report says that she is replaced by Deepika Padkuone. On this, Kareena said: “This is just the way of media, they like to highlight and say things. My stand is to stay unaffected by all this.”

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