Shah Rukh says no fixing

Shah-Rukh-KhanThe CBI and the investigating bodies into the IPL match fixing scandal may have certain views, but one man – Shah Rukh Khan does not believe that there is any fixing in the IPL.

“I don’t think it’s true and if I agree to that that means I am fixing matches too,” thunders King Khan.

“It is not only here but anywhere in the world there are going to be bad eggs, in every field of life,” he says shortly making sure he is politically correct, just in case some of the fixing is proved.

For King Khan, IPL is the ultimate.

“IPL is a fantastic thing and the proof is that from last five years there have been many controversies, but the show keeps going on. I hope that all the controversies get cleaned up.  Besides that, I do not think that it’s going to affect the game itself,” he hopes.

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