Shahid Kapoor Identify His Acting


Shaid Kapoor latest movie done well in box office. It is his comeback after some failure of previous movies. Now he is very much confident about his coming days. He said that “Every actor’s journey is very different but the actors will always be pitted against each other.”

He also added “They do, don’t they? Shanatics have done something that’s unheard of – they kept a screening of ‘R…Rajkumar’ for me. They are very dear to me. These lots are more organized. There are times when you feel a bit worried about your fans and don’t want to hurt them by ignoring them. There are a few fans who are too biased towards me. They even like the rubbish that I do. I can’t take their opinion seriously. But there are some who have a balanced perspective. But I appreciate both. I love the Shanatics, undoubtedly.”

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