Smilie’s Salsa Cheered By Udita Goswami

Udita-GoswamiFirst annual day of dance school happened Mumbai of Vineet Bangera, founder of dance school and holistic Dance Central. The students of the dance center like actress Smilie Suri gave a salsa performance and her bhabhi Udita Goswami cheered for her with gusto.

“I flirted with every form of dance and then came to Dance Central and discovered salsa. This show meant a lot to me, as I have seen my growth in the last year with salsa dancing. Performing on stage was my ‘wow moment” said Smilie Suri.

“Salsa, bachata and rueda are the new feathers in my versatile hat as a performer, and I’m loving it!” One more emotional moment occurred when the performers’ family and friends present a Dance Central memento to them” said by Amit Dolawat. Said Vineet, “We wanted to upgrade and elevate the level of dance, and so we created this annual show. This is the first step in our attempt to showcase authentic salsa and educate Mumbai about Latin dances. The support of family and friends was overwhelming this year, and we hope next year more people come out and watch our students on stage”.

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