Sooraj Sharma Will Come For Bollywood

Suraj-Sharma“Life Of Pi” The big hit of the Hollywood made huge impact all over the world. It is very proud to say that the hero of the film was Kerala based Indian. Suraj Sharma’s the young boy completed his another film ‘Million Dollar Arm’, which is slated for release soon. He will be seen in a Hindi Movie named ‘Umrika’. Umrika, a global film that will also be subtitled in English, is being produced by Swati Shetty and has Suraj Sharma along with Tony Revolori as its leads along with actors Prateik and Adil Hussain in the film.

“When a young Indian village boy discovers his brother, long believed to be in Umrika, has actually gone missing, he begins to invent letters on his behalf to save his mother from heartbreak, all the while searching for him” said a private source.

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