SRK Signed Poster For The Movie “HAPPY NEW YEAR”


Shahrukh khan gave big surprise for his movie by giving signature on the poster of movie “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. He took twitter to pass the message for the fans.

“Every fan can get personalised ‘Happy New Year’ poster autographed by Shah Rukh Khan. Tweet now to @iamsrk with @Hny #HNYPoster and Get Yours Now! Hurry,” SRK tweeted on January 1. SRK further posted,”I hope you like the poster for the film Happy New Year. All that begins this year or ends this year for you, may it be the best for each one of you.”

The movie stars include Deepika Padukone,Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah, Sonu Sood and Jackie Shroff. The film is slated to release on very soon. Big surprise should give big hit…every looking for that

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