They Are Friends In And Out Of the Film

Sidharth-Malhotra-and-Parineeti-ChopraSidharth Malhotra and Parineeti coming with ‘Hasee Toh Phase’. They are keeping good relation in and out of the film. They were seen meeting and talking to hordes of people in a suburban multiplex immediately after the first show of the breezy rom-com.

“Of course, we will stay in touch. Both of us share a lot in common, we are both Punjabi’s and then Parineeti doesn’t make a big deal about her talent. She is very regular. It is very refreshing to see this quality which helped us bond,” said Sidharth with a lot of warmth and affection. Adds Parineeti, “Earlier, I had no opinion about Sid but after spending time with him during filming I realized he is an intelligent man. Yes, we will stay in touch for sure.” He said about his relation with parineeti.

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