They May love With Heart in Real Life

Adhyayan-Suman-and-Ariana-AyamHeartless is the coming back of Adhyayan Suman who says about his co-star. “She studied with me in New York. She is an Afghani who is a New Yorker. In this heartless world, she is selfless and she is a friend who has been there for me and my father and has helped us at a time when we were unable to find a girl of our choice for the film. I had directed a short film with her in it and showed it to my father, who loved her. She has come to India, leaving her life in the US to be in the film.” Adhyayan said about Ariana Ayam,

Adhyayan said, “We have been together for almost four years, but I was not comfortable talking about it earlier. She is a selfless and unconditional lover, without whom I would have probably have felt lost in the world.”

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