Vidya Balan Is Not Worry about the Failure of the Film

Vidya-BalanVidya Balan says she was disheartened with the failure of her last film ‘Ghanchakkar’. But she is not feel about the failure of the film. “I did have expectations from this film as well like any other film. When we work on a film, we hope people will like the film. I felt sad when people did not like the film. I think you look at the larger perspective that we tried doing something new, but people did not like it and it is fine,” Vidya said.

I don’t regret doing the film at all. It was a different experience for me. As an actor it was something different that I tried doing. I had never played a character who is obnoxiously loud…it presented me a new opportunity. It was a comedy but of a different kind. I am too selfish to listen to what others think or expect from me. I only focus on what I want to do… It may sound bad,” he added.

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