Vikram Bhatt Plan To Make Romantic Love Story

Vikram-BhattVikram Bhatt is the best maker of horror film and he said about his plan to make romantic movie. “I would say it was scary but I wasn’t nervous. I was given a make-up van, I had to put on some greasepaint — and someone else was judging whether my shot was ok or not. It was a different experience, but fun! And what mattered to me was that I was playing myself and not any fictional character — so, it was cool.” he said about his first appearance in front of camera.

“I am simply looking at getting the audience to watch my movies. And since many filmmakers are telling love stories, I thought I should be the bad man and scare the audiences. But, basically it is sex and horror that drags audiences to theaters and so I am minting money from these genres. That’s long back, when there was romance in my life. Whenever I will find love in my life again, you’ll surely see me making romantic movies too” he added.

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