Will Kangana Write Script In The Future?


Kangana Came from a “liberating” break in the Big Apple where she could take a subway, crack jokes with an 80-year-old commuter, pick up a cappuccino and hop into a cab without anyone recognizing her. She has completed ” screen writing course in a New York film school. And though she had to leave the eight-week course mid-way, Kangana learnt all about the significance of plot points and the need for strong characterisations, along with learning the three-act structure. Her fellow students included a Russian filmmaker, a French poet, a German RJ and an actor from Brazil.

“They’d tell us to visually explain a character, a room or a dramatic sequence. We got a lot of homework and after the first week we started working on our scripts. Our drafts were read out aloud in class and the feedback was brutally frank. I got mixed reviews for my script .There’s something oddly comforting about hanging out with strangers who know nothing about your life. Although after a while we did google each other out of curiosity,” she said.

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